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✓ 6,5 pk ✓ 250 Bar

Hydraulic power pack with gasoline engine

Hydraulic unit powered by a petrol engine for mobile applications (plug and play).This hydraulic power pack is ideal for (mobile) professional applications such as circuits of aerial platforms, mini diggers, trucks, boats, brushes, the powering of hydraulic tools, hoisting booms,log splitters, cylinders, hydraulic engines, winches and other hydraulic power applications with a compatible hydraulic capacity.

Technical Specifications (variabel):

Power: 6,5 PK (4.80 kW)
Olie flow: 2-15 l/min
Weight: 25Kg (ex. oil)
250 bar
Voltage: 12V
Starter: Manual and E-start
Dimensions: 645mm x 357mm x 337mm

Technische specificaties (variabel):

Engine: Honda, Loncin or Yanmar engine
Tank Size:
Hydraulic 2-20 liter, 6 liter gasoline
Control valve: manual or electric
Circuit: Double or single acting


Lonnekerbrugstraat 102A
7547 AK Enschede


+31 (0)53 71 13 860

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