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✓ 132kW - 15kW ✓ With hydraulic oil cooler

Electric offshore hydraulic power unit with 132kW and 15kW motor


The power unit was designed by our hydraulic experts at the request of a customer and assembled in our own workshop. This electrically driven hydraulic power unit is used for powerful drilling underground. Watch the video of this unit here to get an impression of this power unit.

Technical specifications:

Electrical box with phase monitoring, soft starters and power switches
Oil temperature monitoring via beeper (at 85 degrees)
Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Lifting eyes and holes for movement via forklift flails
Bulkhead couplings bucket for connecting hydraulic hoses
Connection for additional external emergency stop
Control via wireless remote or buttons on powerpack
Powerlock connections

Extra opties:

Pumps: The 132kW motor empowers three variable (plunger) pumps with the following specifications:

Pump 1 is a 140cc variable (plunger) pump that delivers a maximum of 210 l/min and a maximum pressure of 210 bar
Pump 2 is a 112cc variable (plunger) pump that delivers a maximum of 168 l/min and a maximum pressure of 210 bar
Pump 3 is a 45cc variable (plunger) pump that delivers a maximum of 67.5 l/min and a maximum pressure of 300 bar

The 15kW motor empowers a 30cc gear pump that delivers 45 l/min and a maximum pressure of 180 bar


Lonnekerbrugstraat 102A
7547 AK Enschede


+31 (0)53 71 13 860

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